I know he’s called carver but what does he carve

(ok i’m going to stop)

i know he’s called anders but what does he ander

yaoi hands
i’m so sorry
(i’m not actually sorry)

yaoi hands

i’m so sorry

(i’m not actually sorry)

why are there so many ridiculous sprite edits in the homestuck tags



Now what will I do on the internet? OTHER INTERNET THINGS? HUSSIE, YOU FIEND


The Rosy Maple Moth is the prettiest moth ever.

(I do not own the rights to these photos, I just wanted to share this beautiful moth with tumblr.)

Thanks for the 100,000+ notes guys! Glad you all love the Rosy Maple Moth =) I never thought this post would get so many notes!!!

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Saw this little guy at UCLA. Well, maybe not so little; at least he’s kind of big for a jumping spider. There must be more than a few since I saw a second one not too long after letting this guy go.

Aranea’s soul-ripping is quite… unsettling to say the least. There’s something awful about her look of pure horror/torture — that, and the nature of even DOING something like this is just scary with the potential implications.

I don’t know, I feel like I’m the only one creeped out by this. I can’t say Aranea didn’t deserve it though, this seems like the height of arrogance on her part. Unless she somehow saw this coming — her soul isn’t quite out of her body YET… so she might recoil back into her body if the ring is powerful enough. Or Dirk might be interrupted somehow still.